Directed by

Andres Rojas & Frank Siringo


Kitchen Jams w/ Cookie Monster & Tia Mowry


Pete Davidson – #ForTheGrams

Scotch Painters Tape x Project Backboard

A Light Break w/ Neil Patrick Harris

Baileys Light

A Light Break w/ Neil Patrick Harris




For Everyone

Equinox Fitness Club + Spa

Design Film

Game Of Thrones

A Beautiful Death

Nike Air Jordan


Unearthing A Miracle

The Steve Elliott Story


It’s said that two heads are better than one, and that is very clear when brands team up with Andres Rojas and Frank Siringo.The directing/producing duo have over 15 years of experience working together with clients the likes of BMW, HBO, PayPal, 3M, Oreo, Baileys and Amazon.

Their approach to creating starts with a passion for story and an innate ability to dissect concepts to find thought-provoking perspectives. 

With curiosity as a cornerstone of their process, the duo always invites a sense of marvel and discovery to their work.

The owners of Team Bubbly, a video production studio. Andres is wearing a green bomber jacket and orange cow patterned pants. Frank is wearing a orange patterned jacket with green pants. They are sitting on bubble wrap rolls.