Directed by

Ashley Sears


Flavor Your World – Campaign Reel

Genova Tuna

Tagliatelle Recipe


Gangs All Here


Ashley Sears is an NYC-based director and photographer who uses her keenly trained eye and eclectic range of experience to bring her projects to life. She uses her background in fine art and photojournalism to tell fresh and vibrant stories that engage all the senses. 

Ashley believes there is magic in media, that when executed well can transport the viewer directly into any scene; Whether it be through watching specks of flour skip across a counter, the sun setting over an orchard in Spain, or a group of friends laughing around a table – her goal on every project is to harness that magic.

A portrait image of Ashley Sears who is wearing a black tank top and holding her camera, with a backdrop of a vineyard. Director for Team Bubbly, A Video Production Company in New York City