Directed by

Josh Charow

Break Fresh



One One-Thousandth

Gov Ball

Our City, Our Festival

CFDA x Reebok

Think Inside The Box


“I wish I was there” are often words whispered under someone’s breath as they watch a film about something they adore. We’ve all felt it, that deep desire to be right next to the action. Luckily, for anyone who has seen Josh Charow’s work, that wish becomes reality as he documents youth-centered subcultures, brands, and musicians that have dynamic stories to share with the world.

Growing up as a skateboarder and urban explorer, Josh’s lens is no stranger to lesser-known worlds. His organic interest and natural talent have evolved simultaneously into extraordinary documentary skills, working with the likes of Billie Eilish, the City Girls, Marshmello, and many others. 

A portrait image of Josh Carrow who is wearing a white long sleeve shirt, black pants, and Nike's. Director for Team Bubbly, A Video Production Company in New York City