May 25, 2023


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Sense Of Agency – A Team Bubbly Story

Team Bubbly is proud to announce its most recent Telly Award win for its short promotional film celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Sense of Agency – A Team Bubbly Story

From the film’s press release: 

The film follows founders Frank and Andres’ journey to define Team Bubbly as a company and its place in advertising, much too slowly for the likes of their agent, delightfully played by Andres’ own daughter. Highlights include lead editor Chris Campion’s affinity for Australian meat pies, quality time spent popping bubbles in the closet of Frank (or Andres’) mind, pretty much every scene starring producer Malorie Gill, and the earnest conclusion that agency life walks a fine line between capitulating to your client and being true to your heart. Hopefully more of the latter, most of the time.

This was a real labor of love and we send big thanks to our crew, families, friends, and everyone who helped put this together. Huge congrats to Justin Ongeri our director. He took on a bear of a brief trying to distill 10 years of Team Bubbly into a short film after only being on staff with us for 3 months. Most others would shy away from such a challenge but he dove right in and created something truly unique.